Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bad hockey moms aren't born; they're created.

Perhaps, as someone who works in the animal care field, I'm a bit more sensitive to this issue than most-- but what exactly does the infamous "lipstick on a pit bull" joke mean?

Is it to mean that hockey moms, like pit bulls, have a bad reputation and are the subject of legislation (banning, public muzzling)?

Is it that hockey moms are a group which is commonly abused?

Unfortunately, the joke only functions on a plane of pure stereotype. Hockey moms are protective and aggressive; pit bulls are protective and aggressive; wow, the only difference really is lipstick!

All metaphor aside, do we really want the stereotypical hockey mom/pit bull representing the country in the international arena?

(wavy dream sequence lines)

Various world leaders are gathered around a table. The room is tense, as though we are coming in on the middle of an heated debate.

No, I really don't think that's what we want to do at all.

(jumps up, pumps fist in air, hooting)
Oh yeah!! That's what I'm talking about!! Take that!!!


I mean, these hockey/soccer/baseball/football/basketball/miscellaneous-peewee-sport moms are the ones who often have to attend anger management counseling in order to attend their own child's games, correct? They're also the ones who publicly supernova at said games, beating another parent or coach senseless, right?

And what if we as a country don't measure up to her standards? Will it turn into Mommy Dearest?

Unfortunately, the ones hurt the most in this are pit bulls, whose bad rap has once again surfaced in the public consciousness. 

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